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We match your customer with the right lender, no matter their credit—even on vehicles others won’t finance.

How to Register

Our Simple 5-Step Process
Step 1

Register Online or Via Email

Fill out our no-obligation Dealership registration form, right here on this website, or download our print form and send it to us via email.

Step 2

Get Approved

Email us your Dealer Permit, Valid Driver’s License and a copy of your Dealership logo.

Step 3

Let’s Talk

We will give you a call and make sure you know how everything works.

Step 4

Get Your Custom Marketing Package

EPIC will provide your dealership with a personalized application form for your website, and a Welcome package with paper applications, pens, business cards, pamphlets and a banner.

Step 5

Get Your Customers Approved & On the Road

Email us your Dealer Permit, Valid Driver’s License and a copy of your Dealership logo.

We can use OUR lender network, or YOURS through Dealertrack to arrange financing for your customers. Just let us know! It’s that easy.

How It Works

Financing Made Epic
Step 1

Have Your Customer Apply For Financing

They can fill it out online or in person at your dealership location. Let them know they’ll need their pay stubs and driver’s license to speed things up!

Step 2

Send Us a Bill of Sale

The bill of sale does not need to be signed, but we do need to know the details of the vehicle so we can choose the right lender.

Step 3

We’ll Get in Touch

We will contact the client for any documents that are missing or that just may make financing easier to obtain.

Step 4

We’ll Submit to Lenders

We review the application, perform a credit bureau and submit the application to the best suited lenders.

Step 5

We’ll Get Their Financing Approved

EPIC will contact the Dealerships and client to advise of the approval and set up an appointment to meet at the dealership to sign all the loan documents.

Step 6

Signed, Paid & On the Road

EPIC comes to your location; the client signs the loan documents and drives away. The Dealership is Paid once complete. Special arrangements are made for dealerships outside of Winnipeg.

Free to All Dealerships

That’s right—all of them!

Epic charges $399 to all clients to arrange financing no matter the customers credit situation or amount being financed. Every client is treated the same.

Warranties, GAP Insurance, & other Approved Dealer Add-ons

Dealerships can sell whatever warranty, GAP, and other approved dealer add-on products they would like to, and from whichever provider the dealership chooses. EPIC will arrange financing for the client for the amount listed on the bill of sale that is agreed to by the dealer and customer, less any amount of deposit requested by the lender.

Additional Fees

Additional Fees may apply depending on the approving lender, and are subject to change.

· Bank administration (varies lender to lender)
· PPR/PPSA Search and/ or Registration (depends on term of loan, and varies lender to lender)
· Carproof with Lien Search ($100)
· GPS (depends on lender)
· GPS Installation paid to installer ($100)
· Clients with Lien Payout ($100)
· Clients who cause EPIC to come to the dealership on multiple unnecessary trips ($100)
· Insurance

EPIC does not earn revenue from the sale of insurance. If the approving lender is an EPIC Dealer lender, the lender is receiving any revenue that may be generated from the sale of insurance, and the dealers earn the revenue for EPIC-Trac deals. It is in most client’s best interest to protect their assets and we do highly encourage this product to protect them, but EPIC does not benefit from selling this product.

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